Shopping for the Best MLB Betting Lines

Shopping for the Best MLB Betting Lines

Have you heard of the term “line shopping” before? Essentially, lines shopping means you analyze the MLB betting odds at multiple sportsbooks to find the bookie with the best price.

You might be asking why? Well, that’s simple. You make more money.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Sportsbook #1: Yankees (-130) vs. Red Sox (+110)

Sportsbook #2: Yankees (-130) vs. Red Sox (+120)

In this simple example, Sportsbook #1 is offering a $.20 line, whereas Sportsbook #2 is offering a $.10 line (Dime Line). In MLB money line betting, it’s important to have access to bookies with dime lines.

If you were betting on the Yankees it wouldn’t matter what book you bet with above, but if you plan on backing the Red Sox, then you would want to place the bet with Sportsbook #2.

Why? Well, a $100 bet would payout $120 with SB #2, but only $110 with SB #1.

You might be thinking, but it’s only $10. However, over the course of an MLB season, that adds up!

Let’s say you place 1000 MLB picks in a season and you win 50% of your bets.

If you placed 1000 bets at +120 odds and won 50% of your bets, you’d profit $10,000. At +110 odds, you’d profit $5000. So, over the course of a season, you’d make an extra $5000 by line shopping.

Do MLB Dime Line Bookies Always Have the Best Odds?

The answer is no. Bookies move MLB betting lines for multiple reasons. For example, a bookie will move their line if they have too much exposure on one team to entice action on the other team.

Let’s take a look at another example:

Sportsbook #1: Cubs (-150) vs. Braves (+140)

Sportsbook #2: Cubs (-145) vs. Braves (+125)

In this example, SB #2 may have been taking a lot of bets on the Braves and they want to lower their exposure to the game. Despite offering a $.20 line, they have the better price on the Cubs.

You never know where you’ll get the best odds until you shop around.

Finding the Best MLB Odds to Increase Profits

Visiting every online sportsbook and looking at the odds for a game would take too long.

I recommend using odds comparison tools available at websites like Scores and Stats (SAS). You can compare the MLB odds from multiple bookies at once to save time shopping for the best line.

As you become more experienced betting on MLB you’ll start to know where to look. Some bookies will never have the best line. If you’re betting on MLB a lot, you should have 5+ accounts at the top MLB bookies. These accounts should be funded, so that you can get bets down quickly.

One bookie might have the best line when you look, but if you have to spend time funding your account the odds could move and you’ll miss out on getting the best price.

You should also keep a Bitcoin wallet funded so you can easily deposit to a bookie if need be. Most MLB bookies accept Bitcoin now, making it the most convenient banking method for bettors.

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