What is Bitcoin?

The word Bitcoin may sound intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of using Bitcoin, you’ll find that it is much easier, much cheaper, and more reliable than any other deposit/withdrawal method we offer. Today, over 90% of our customers use Bitcoin for funding their 1Vice accounts and for receiving withdrawals, and if they can do it, so can you!

Why to use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals?

– Bitcoin wallets are quick and easy to set-up

– Bitcoin transactions have fees that are super cheap

– Bitcoin is an anonymous payment method

– Bitcoin is not controlled by a central authority or government

Just think of Bitcoin as an Internet currency. Bitcoin is traded on Bitcoin exchanges just like US dollars or British pounds sterling or Mexican pesos are traded on the Forex currency exchanges around the world. You can buy and sell Bitcoin just like you can buy and sell other currencies.

In simple terms, you buy Bitcoin and send it to us. Then, we turn Bitcoin into your currency and fund your 1Vice account. When you request a withdrawal, we send you Bitcoin and then you turn it into your currency that goes into your bank account or that you can withdraw as cash from a Bitcoin ATM near you.

Yes, it’s that simple! That’s why a majority of our customers use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.

Let’s dig deeper

What is Bitcoin 1Vice

Get a wallet

These are some of the websites that we recommend to acquire your digital currentcy wallet:













You can choose the one that adapts best to your deposit preferences. Depending on the site that you choose you will be able to fund your bitcoin wallet with wire a wire transfer, credit card, debit card, PayPal and many other options.

Funding your 1Vice.ag account

Once you have Bitcoins in you wallet, log in to your sportbook account, click on the cashier button on the main navigation and click the bitcoin option. You will be asked the amount of money been transferred and what bonus you would like with your deposit. After that a wallet will be given to you, sent your funds to the given wallet and as soon as the transfer is confirmed the funds and bonus will appear in your account.

If you want to talk to a CS representative please call 1-866-813-6818