Deposit Options

Min – $100 and Max – $1000 – Transfer money internationally with a simple to do person to person transfer. All it takes is a few minutes and the money will be available in your account.



Min – $100 and Max – $600  Reliable, safe person to person transfers can be used to fund your account from any part of the world.It takes just a few minutes to see the funds in your account.



Min – $100 and Max – $500 – Fund your account with an Visa Debit Prepaid Gift Card.Quick and easy to use, safer than cash are available at millions of locations in North America.



Min – $500 and Max – $2000 – If you prefer to fund your account with a money order, cashier check or certified check. We accept those as well, you can mail them to us and we will place the funds in your account.



Min – $300 and Max – $5000 – If you use bitcoin and you are wondering if we accept it, we do and we will gladly fund your account after the transfer is confirmed.

Use Credit Cards to fund your account:

WU and MG both accepts major Credit Cards. To Find out how to fund your account using your Credit Card. Call 1 866 813 6818 for money transfer instructions.

We cover the transfers fees on all Person to Person transfers using WU or MG deposits of $250 or more.

P2P Transfers

Person to person transfers are secure and reliable. There are more than 375 thousand locations in over 200 countries that offer these secure transactions. Limits change without prior notice, please call our CS department if you would like to confirm the amount per transfer.