Online Sportsbook Betting With or Against the Public Consensus

Online Sportsbook Betting With or Against the Public Consensus

Anyone who bets on sports on a fairly consistent basis is always looking for an edge against the online sportsbooks used to place your bets. You could fill a football stadium with everything that has been written when it comes to theories on how to ‘beat the books’.

The first thing you have to remember is the reason why there are so many different online outlets to bet on the games. Online gambling companies to not branch out into sports betting to lose money. Their online sportsbooks are designed to be important profit centers that are the driving force behind their overall revenue.

Many of today’s top online sportsbooks also offer horse betting in their racebook along with an online casino equipped with slot machines, other video gaming devices and a live-dealer casino for table games. None the less, sports betting is still the primary business focus for any of the top online sportsbooks in business today. You may find a way to beat your book from time to time, but the end results against the betting public in general still swings heavily in their favor.

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Everyone knows that the betting public tends to lean towards favorites betting the side and towards the OVER betting the total line. The books know this as well and they will set their betting lines accordingly. Sometimes the public perceives a soft line that benefits an underdog or a play on the UNDER and the money coming in will shift that way. Once again, the books are well aware of this betting phenomenon and they will adjust accordingly.

One of the tricks of the trade that some online books employ is the betting consensus. There are a number of informational sports betting sites that will keep a running total of where the money is going leading up to the start of a game. This is especially prevalent during football season given the length of time from when the betting lines are first released and the actual games get underway. Sometimes the overall consensus swings slightly in one direction or the other and sometimes it can reach 70 percent or higher towards a particular team.

When it comes to betting on the games, there are two conventional theories in light of these survey results. The first is to consistently bet with the consensus when it leans heavily one way or the other. The other betting strategy is to go against the consensus given just how many times the betting public is wrong with their picks.

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There is actually a third betting strategy with the use of the betting consensus for any matchup; common sense. Any game that you decide to put real money on needs to be evaluated on its own merits. If you take the time to make an educated bet based on a number of different factors, it really does not matter what the consensus thinks about the predicted outcome. In fact, it could have a negative impact if you let the consensus sway your opinion one way or the other.

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The only exception to the rule is a betting consensus that only consists of professional sports gamblers. There is much more validity in those percentages, especially when they have been calculated from an extensive number of contributors. Even with a consensus generated from expert handicappers, the projected winning percentage can still be less than 60 percent.

Sports betting theories and strategies offering a proven way to beat the books are often times a good read that do offer some food for thought. However, there is still no substitute for doing your own homework on the games that you actually decide to bet on.


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