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      1. As part of offering its services, 1Vice.ag stores data on all customers including your personal information, financial details and wagering history. Information stored by 1Vice.ag is held completely confidential and will never under any circumstance be shared with outside parties.
      2. Upon opening an account with 1Vice.ag, you must provide personal details such as your real name, email address and phone number.
      3. Details such as your mailing address may also be requested for the purpose of completing deposits, withdrawals or other account activity.
      4. In some cases, additional documentation including (but not limited to) a copy of your photo id, copies of your bank statements, or copies of utility bills may be requested.
      5. By entering into this agreement with 1Vice.ag, you must provide full and truthful information in respect to all details and documentation, and you are obligated to update such details if any of your personal information should change.




      1. At 1Vice.ag, there is a strict policy of one account per customer. You shall not be permitted to have more than one active account.
      2. Anyone found to be in possession of multiple accounts is subject to having one (or all) of their accounts closed immediately and without warning. Any and all decisions and outcomes regarding multiple accounts are solely at 1Vice.ag management’s discretion.
      3. In such cases where a persona has multiple accounts and is permitted to keep one of them, the account which is left open will be the oldest account based on the date of sign-up (unless otherwise determined by 1Vice.ag management)




      1. You are solely responsible for the security and proper user of your personal Password.
      2. 1Vice.ag cannot be held responsible if you misplace, lose or divulge these details to a third party and as a result, this leads to unauthorized account access.




      1. To participate in our real money services, you must fund your account using a valid deposit method registered in your name.
      2. If you use a payment method that not registered to you, or is fraudulent in any way, you may be asked to provide documentation, and funds originating from deposits using said method may be treated as invalid and all winnings may be void.
      3. By entering in to this agreement, you agree you will not make any chargebacks, reversals or otherwise cancel any deposits into your account.
      4. 1Vice.ag




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      1. Any contests, sweepstakes or other promotions (collectively, “Promotions”) made available through Service may be governed by rules that are separate from these Terms of Service. 
      2. If you participate in any Promotions, please review the applicable rules as well as our Privacy Policy. If the rules for a Promotion conflict with there Terms of Service, Promotion rules will apply.
      3. All promotional offers are temporary and can be removed at any time and without advanced warning.
      4. Rollover rules must be met in full as stipulated on each individual promotion before any withdrawal can be made.
      5. 1Vice.ag reserves the right to exclude any customer from any specific promotion, or entirely from promotional offers




      1. For wagers placed over the phone, you are required to confirm your bets at the end of every call by repeating back your account number and pin code. For wagers placed online, bets are confirmed the moment you hit the “Place Bet” button with the Bet Slip. As soon as your bets are confirmed, they are considered official and cannot be changed.
      2. It is your responsibility to ensure all wagers on the Bet Slip are correct before confirming.
      3. If for some reason, the phone call is dropped before the process is completed, the wager’s validity will be decided at management’s discretion.
      4. If you disagree with any aspect of a wager you have placed, you have a total of 15 (fifteen) calendar days to formally lodge a dispute with the 1Vice.ag customer service team. Such disputes must be made over the telephone or Live Chat (not email).
      5. For wagers placed online, the system logs will be used to conduct reviews. For wagers placed over the phone, the audio recording will be used to conduct reviews.
      6. If after review, there remains any doubt regarding the wager type, line, market, amount, or any other aspect, the claim will be escalated to the 1Vice.ag management team. All decisions made b




      1. All wagering rules are explained in detail in the House Rules section.
      2. These rules are subject to change at any time and in such instances of a change, the ultimate authority on the rules will be 1Vice.ag management, even if said rules(s) differs from what is currently display.




      1. All race book rules are explained in detail in the House Rules section. This page is updated on a regular basis and covers all rules regarding wager types, payouts, available tracks, scratches and more.
      2. 1Vice.ag does not use house odds. All odds are based on the official track odds.
      3. 1Vice.ag management reserves the right to restrict the amount of any bet, or restrict in its entirety any bet, on any track, at any time, if it so desires.




      1. The online casino games at 1Vice.ag are run using a random number generator which cannot be manipulated. The software is monitored by an independent auditing firm (Certified Fair Gambling) in order to guarantee the fairness of the games. The results of the firm’s inspections are completely public and published.
      2. The games offered in the 1Vice.ag casino are run by a third-party casino software which 1Vice.ag neither owns nor operates directly.
      3. 1Vice.ag takes every effort to ensure malfunctions do not occur in any game, however in the event of technical errors during the operation of the software, 1Vice.ag does NOT accept liability for the resulting outcomes. This includes obvious incorrect game payouts. In such instances, you agree to forfeit any winnings/losses that result from errors or technical faults.




      1. 1Vice.ag management reserves the right to restrict access, or close an account temporarily, indefinitely or permanently if there is sufficient evidence to support that the user has engaged in any of the following:
        1. Multiple account abuse
        2. Promotional Abuse
        3. Fraudulent payments
        4. Misrepresentation of identity/Identity Theft
        5. Money laundering
        6. Suspicious betting patterns
      2. All decisions made by 1Vice.ag are final. 1Vice.Ag is not obligated to share any information related to the investigations into such matters.




      1. By participating in real money services at 1Vice.ag, you agree that betting involves a certain level of risk.
      2. The services at 1Vice.ag are for entertainment purposes and 1Vice.ag will never encourage you to continue gambling if it is having a negative effect on your life.



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