Price Per Head Services are Great Opportunity American Bookies

If you are established bookie, sports betting agent and professional credit bookmaker, outsourcing the day-to-day operations of your bookie business to of RDG Corp will leave you with more time and money to invest in growing your business and increasing your profits.

RDG Corp provides a safe and secure price per head services for agents and bookmakers to run their offshore bookmaking businesses and has grown to become a leading provider of pay per head services. Any size bookie can use price per head services offered by RDG Corp.

As the name implies, bookies pay a price per head – per active customer – and for this fee, they are provided with a comprehensive service. Not only bookies are attracted by the 247 price per head services, but bettors who are not keen to place bets with an offshore online sportsbook, are also finding The United States is open for business when it comes to gambling on sports. We all knew it had to happen sooner than later and it didn’t come soon enough. For years sports gamblers have been living in a grey area when it comes to gaming and the online sportsbooks. Everybody did it anyway and nobody was the worse for it. Have you heard of anyone ever being arrested for online gambling? We are not suggesting that it was ok with the law to run a bookie outfit. That is an entirely different scenario. It was frowned upon because the state of Nevada had a choke hold on the entire United States.

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a long standing law that prohibited sports gambling outside the state of Nevada. Now, the gamblers can breathe easy and the bookies can make plans and organize themselves without fear. Bookies all over the United States are converting their clients to pay per head services. They’re doing it because it makes sense for business. Bookies are in the gambling business to make money, they are not in the business for constant headaches and hassles when it comes to keeping up with clients.

If you are a bookie and looking to ease the workload, there is no other way to go than with a pay per head. You must choose a pay per head for several different reasons. Let’s talk about a few of them.

How many active clients do you have? Think about all of the many different errands that you run for them. Now you may think that you don’t mind running all of the errands and you may think that you are a customer service specialist and that’s ok. Of course you want to keep your clients and how do you keep them, you meet their demands. What about those late night phone calls or worse yet, the early morning phone calls on NFL game day? What about all of those bet slips that you need to grade after 11.00 pm on Sunday and Monday night football? If you are a bookie with even a few clients then you know exactly what all of this means. If you have a “day” job then you know what a hassle all of this is.

A pay per head service solves your problems. You literally have nothing to take care of. The Real pph sports betting software does everything for you. The only worry you have is hoping that your clients lose and you win a pile of money. Setting up an online casino and pph sportsbook is easy, quick and affordable. It will not cost you a fortune and all you need to do is call a service and get started the same day. The pay per head service provider does everything for you. They set you up with a workable website for your clients and they offer 24/7 customer service that you and your clients can call form the United States.

Absolutely everything is thought of in the pay per head business. The provider takes care of lines and odds which you can control, they take care of the web page, they take care of taking deposits and they take care of the financial reports. Nothing is forgotten. All you need is a bank roll to cover you r losses and the willingness to find new clients. Most great pay per head providers charge around $10 per head, per week, for the players that play and the better pay per heads will offer you at least a month’s free trial.

Stop killing yourself and find a great pay per head provider today. Your clients will come back for more and they will tell their friends and the sky is the limit.