Fast, Easy and Secure Online Betting at

Fast, Easy and Secure Online Betting at

There has been a major shift towards placing online sports wagers through mobile betting apps over the past few years. This trend is expected to increase dramatically moving forward.

While every online sportsbook has taken measures towards keeping their online betting platforms up to date, only a few such as have taken the proper measures to keep their sites ahead of the curve in light of advanced technology and sophisticated online software solutions.

Launched a decade ago in Costa Rica, has built a solid industry reputation and binding trust for both the safety and reliability of its online betting platform. This ownership group operating the site has always had a strong commitment to the sports bettors its serves.

This is evident through fast payouts, generous bonus offers and excellent customer service. This online betting venue is also noted for its easy to use sports betting software and overall site navigation.

It has made the necessary investments over the years to offer a fully functional mobile interface for placing wagers through a handheld device with internet access.

This high level of investment ensures that continues to maintain its leadership role in the sports betting industry.

While the internal operating system is state-of-the-art with deep levels of encrypted security, a sizable portion of the annual operating budget goes towards an in-house staff of experts. From IT professionals to sports betting experts to a dedicated and highly trained customer service team,  employs a site support staff that is second to none.

Everything comes together to provide you with a safe and enjoyable online sports betting experience. It has never been easier to manage an online betting account that can be used to wager on your favorite sports and sporting events.

Most of the new customers signing on at come directly from referrals. Word of mouth advertising is still the best way to grow and expand any business base. While caters to the US sports betting market, its global presence is a testament to its popularity all across the world.

The site will always take a global approach to the betting options it offers. Every US player knows just how popular the NFL is when it comes to betting on the games. However, built-in diversity offers betting options for sports and sporting events on an international scale.

This approach has been expanded into live in-game wagering options. Nothing is more exciting than betting on a game after it has gotten underway. Betting lines and odds remain in a constant state of flux. They are adjusted during natural breaks in the game to reflect what has already taken place on the field, court or ice.

The concept of betting on various ‘what happens next’ scenarios is another highly appealing aspect of live betting. This continues throughout the game to heighten the live in-game betting experience.

Getting started at 1Vice,ag is as easy as registering online with some basic information to confirm your identity. Once registered, you can utilize any number of convenient banking options to fund your online betting account.

One of the most popular options to both fund an account and request withdrawals is with Bitcoin digital currency. Bitcoin wallets are easy to set up and provides a detailed tutorial to learn how to use Bitcoin for all your banking needs.

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