1Vice.ag uses a turnkey key solution provided by RDGCorp.com

RDG Corp, and any other gaming sites are under their management are NOT liable or financial responsible for any 1vice players balances or funds, and only provides a software solution.

RDG Corp provides turnkey while label solutions for online sportsbooks, casinos and racebooks.
Custom software and marketing packages allow you to manage and promote your own online sports betting site that is unique to your needs. Some of the services provided by a turnkey label solution include web design and web hosting, as well as site building and maintenance.

Turnkey Solutions

Price per head Services

Any bookie in the sportsbook industry can use pay per head services offered by RDG Corp. This includes established bookies, sports betting agents and professional credit bookmakers. Per head services are ideal for any operator that does not want to become bogged down in the day-to-day operations of their website.

Per head sportsbook services