Baseball betting – MLB Run Lines Explained

Baseball betting – MLB Run Lines Explained

The MLB season has 162 games and is by far, the longest season of any major league sport. Baseball is a game of strategy that is won by precise detail and planning, it’s also a very long game. Many baseball games go for more than four hours and the score can turn on a dime. One minute the score could be 2-1 and that could continue for two hours or several innings. The next minute a pitcher can walk two or three batters and then bam, a home run and all of a sudden the score is 5-2. Not only does this drive bettors crazy, it drives the offshore sportsbooks nuts! Then, the very next inning, along comes two or three walks from the losing team and the same scenario. The bottom line is this, baseball is a game of ups a downs and it can be difficult to bet on. The oddsmakers have a reasonably good handle on the sport and gambling can be just that, a wild gamble.

Most serious gamblers swear by baseball and wouldn’t depend on any other sport for a source of income. There is one reason for this; handicapping. In order to win baseball, you must handicap and you must be good at it. There is however an underdog factor. The underdogs win 42% of the time! What a handicapper must do is figure out what teams are in a great position to win a game on any given day. Again, this is what handicappers do.

You might be a novice baseball bettor and possibly you don’t understand all of the ways to bet this game. We want to explain one of the more lucrative ways to bet and hopefully you can use the information to make the best betting choices available to you. The next time you dial up the online betting service, you will be prepared.

Run Lines:

Run lines may not be the most popular way to bet baseball but they should be. If you have done your homework and are prepared, you can make a small fortune betting this way.

What is a run line?

A run line is exactly that, runs in a game. The oddsmakers set a line that says one team will outscore another by -1.5 and the opponent can lose the game by +1.5. The + number always indicates the underdog and the minus number indicates the favorites. The oddsmakers set the line based on their research of the two teams. This involves pitching, batting, fielding and many more factors. The bookies have done their job, and their research. You must do yours!

The money on a run line -1.5 is usually a + number, the money on a run line + 1.5 is usually a – number. Because the bookies are giving you what they feel is an edge, they charge accordingly.


Red Sox vs. Marlins
Red Sox -1.5 +200
Marlins + 1.5 -240

As you can see, the Marlins are the underdog and it is costing you a lot of Juice (commission that bookies make). The reason the underdog is costing you money is simply because the sportsbook is giving you 1 run. You can lose by one run and still win the game. If you had bet on the Red Sox, it would cost you nothing in juice and a $100 bet would return $200. The Red Sox must win the game by two or more runs, anything less will result in a loss.

How to Bet On Sports – Baseball Betting – MLB Adjusted Run Lines

Have fun with run lines and most importantly do your homework. There is a lot of money to be made betting this grand game. Call 1 Vice Sportsbook and get in today.

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