1Vice Offers Award Winning Sports Betting Contests

1Vice Offers Award Winning Sports Betting Contests

The 2018 NFL season is right around the corner and now is Definity the time to shore up a fantastic top- shelf, online sportsbook. Not only is the NFL season right around the corner but the NCAA College Football season is in our laps! Literally, the offseason has blown by in a whirlwind of activity and the best time of the gambling season is back. What could be better than this time of year for the serious football bettor? Absolutely nothing. Many folks wait until the last minute to get that deposit in; don’t do it. Get the money in now and have yourself squared away so that you can make a pile of money betting football. 1Vice has your back this year with great betting contests. If you like to win money, this is the bookie for you.

Win up to $5000 in our NFL Football Last Man Standing Contest

1Vice is that ever friendly, online bookmaker that makes you feel like the bookie is your buddy at the local bar. They offer top-notch customer service and along with it, a toll free number to call from the United States. These guys cater to American players, they understand how Americans think and they understand how Americans like to gamble. This website is set up in a user friendly manner that is a breeze to navigate and the user interface is even better. The Wagering stage is award winning for it’s ease of use and they offer every sport under the sun and every way to bet that sport.

With 1Vice your bases are covered, it’s easy to get the money in and even easier to get the money out! You want paid and there is nothing worse than excuses when it comes to money. 1Vice has a stellar track record for paying out quickly and usually within 48 hours of the request. The sports betting contest’s and bonuses at 1Vice cannot be beat. The rollovers are quick and easy to complete and the contest’ really do pay real cash money!

33 Club – Win $333 Weekly

A fantastic way to win some extra cash all year long is with the famous “33 Club” contest. 1Vice has made this one a fan favorite and everyone wants in on the action. It’s a simple and easy contest and all you need to do is in order to win $333, is have the team of your choice score 33 points exactly. You choose one team per week and it can be any team you want it to be. They can win or lose; the only regulation is that they score 33 points. In order to be eligible for the “33 club”, 1Vice asks that you deposit $300 or more. Of course, that’s easy stuff, you probably plan on depositing much more than this and hopefully you are a consistent winner. The good news; it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, if you do bust out, you can reenter the contest at any time. This is a super fun and exciting contest that you will enjoy playing. There is a pile of money in this and it would be a great added payday toward your bottom line.

1Vice has many other great ways to win cash and prizes with contests such as Super Bowl Pools, AFC Conference Pools, NFC Conference Pools, and the ever popular LAST MAN STANDING, contest. They are all great fun and they can all win big money every week. Why not get in on some free fun or at the very least, a great contest with a minimal deposit?

1Vice is the sportsbook of choice for everyday players that are looking for sharp lines, great customer service, and easy payouts. When you beat the bookie, you want paid. 1Vice gets the job done and keeps you in the game. You probably keep more than one online sportsbook, make 1Vice a part of your 2018 portfolio and be sure to get in on the BET 33 CLUB. There are a lot of contests out there, but the BET 33 CLUB is by far the most fun and rewarding.

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