Betting Props at Online Sportsbooks

A great way to add even more excitement to your sports betting strategy is by adding a few prop bets to the mix. Prop is short for proposition. Most of these types of bets pose a question that you can answer with a YES or NO.

Other props are based on an OVER or UNDER scenario. Some props will present a list of possible outcomes to bet on. Whatever the case may be, props give you a chance to bet on varied aspects of sports and sporting events. The only limits on prop bet options is the imagination of the oddsmakers themselves.

Online sportsbooks such as Vice have rapidly expanded the amount of props that are released on a regular basis. What was considered a specialty bet or boutique betting option a few years back has now turned into a mainstream way to bet on sports.

As far as the major betting leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, you can find a list of prop bet options for every game. These listings include betting odds for things such as which team scores first, scores withing a certain time frame and margin of victory.

There are also props geared towards individual players. For NFL games, they could cover the OVER/UNDER on passing touchdowns and passing yards. NBA games will feature props for a player’s points, rebounds and assists. MLB props cover runs, hits and home runs for batters. Pitching props cover strikeouts and runs allowed. For NHL props you can bet on goals scored and assists.

Since quite a few of the top online books release props in conjunction with the games, you can shop the odds from one betting site to the next. Sometimes, certain prop options are unique to one particular online book. This is a good reason to shop for props as well. You should always be able to find a few high value prop bet options on the board.

Props can also be used as a supplement to straight bets on the spread, total and money line. For example, if you believe that the New Orleans vs. Atlanta game in the NFL is going OVER the total, you might want to bet a prop on the OVER for Drew Brees’ touchdown throws as the Saints’ quarterback.

Props can also be used as a way to double down on a bet or as a hedge. Using the same game, you could bet to OVER on total touchdown passes as a way to double down. You could also go the other way with the UNDER as a way to hedge your total line bet on that game.

When it comes to finding value in any betting line, props tend to top the list. Game spreads for NFL and NBA games are normally sharp. The oddsmakers spend a great deal of their time setting these lines. Prop bet odds tend to be an afterthought, especially when there is quite a bit of action on the board.

Player props weigh heavily on expected performance based on year-to-date results. By focusing on a player’s current form over their last few games, you can usually uncover an under or over valued play. For example, MLB sluggers will go through several hot streaks and cold spells a season. Props let you bet with them when their hot and against them when their cold.