Betting If Bets at Online Sportsbooks

For any sports bettor looking to bet more than one game at a time, the “If Bet” can be an excellent option as a money management tool. The basic premise of this type of wager is to make one bet contingent on the previous one.

Similar to parlays, an if bet groups two or more games into one single bet. To cash in on a three-team parlay, you need to win all of those games. A loss ends the bet and a PUSH (tie) reduces the parlay by one game.

A three team if bet can be thought of as a series of wagers. If you win the first game, there is action on the next play. If you win the first two games, there is action on the third play. A loss in the first game ends the entire bet. A loss in the second game following an initial win ends the action on the third play.

The following is an example of a three-team NFL if bet:

–1st pick: San Francisco -3 against Seattle

–2nd pick: Denver +4 against Kansas City

–3rd pick: New Orleans -7 against Atlanta

If San Francisco wins and covers the three points, there is action on the Denver game. If the Broncos cover with the four points, there is action on the Saints minus the seven points.

If San Francisco loses or fails to cover, you lose your wager and there is no action on the other two games. If you win the first game and lose on Denver, there is no action on the New Orleans’ game.

With an if bet, the money wagered stays the same for every active play. If you win $100 on the 49ers, another $100 (plus $10 juice) is bet on Denver. If you win the first two games in this particular if bet, the same $100 will be bet on New Orleans.

This is a great way to preserve any money won while also limiting your overall loss for the day. While a parlay is an all or nothing bet, the if bet is more of a money management strategy for playing multiple games.

Online sportsbooks such as Vice offer two types of if bets. The first is “If Win Only.” This means that you need to win a game for the bet to continue. A PUSH or tie ends all remaining action. An if bet designated as an “Action” wager will continue if the preceding game ends as a PUSH or tie.

It makes sense to play if bets with continuing action since nothing was lost due to a PUSH. It also makes sense to prioritize your plays. You will want to make your top pick first, your next best pick second and so on.

An if bet plays out according to the actual order the games that were bet regardless of the starting time. If you play a 4 p.m. game first then a 1 p.m. game, the action for both games still hinges on the result of that first play.

A popular strategy for a Sunday NFL if bet is an early afternoon game followed by a game with a late afternoon kickoff. You can throw in the Sunday night game as the third and final play.

Most online books will accept if bets from two to as many as seven games.