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If your account is confirmed you will be eligible to enter in the contest. If your account is not confirmed even if you win the prize it won be awarded. Contact customer service for more information.

* All customers can enter this bracket contest completely free. All you have to do is contact customer service, and they will confirm your account, and will send you a link to submit your bracket picks.

If you fund your account, you are entitled for an entry into the following bracket contest.

$1,500 Sweet 16 – March Madness Contest

Accumulated deposits of $100 to $1000, win $1000 Free Play

Accumulated deposits of $1001 or more, win $1500 Free Play

Fund your account between Mar 15th and March 21st and win, the more you deposit the more you win.

Read all the rules and conditions that apply to the March Madness Bracket Contests


-All sweet sixteen bracket challenge contests open on March 25th and close on March 28th when the 1st game begins. All brackets submitted after the tip-off will be void.

-Each customer will be responsible for submitting their own bracket with their account details.

-Only one bracket will be allowed to be submitted per account per bracket. Restrictions and deposit requirements due apply for each bracket challenge.
-If a customer does not use his bracket contest entries before the challenges close, all entries will be void.

-The sweet sixteen bracket challenge will not count the first round games and the 1st 4, Second Round and Third Round. It will only take into account: Sweet 16, Elite Eight and Final Four.

-A bracket must be fill completely in order to participate in the challenge.

-Once a bracket is submitted it will not be modified in any way.

-We reserve the right to terminate the bracket challenge at any time without previous notice.

-If you by mistake delete your bracket, we will not be able to retrieve your information.

-There will be 2 bracket challenge contests.


-4 points for every correct pick during the Sweet Sixteen Round

-8 points for every correct pick during the Elite Eight Round

-16 points for every correct pick during the Final Four Round

-32 points for a correct pick during the Championship Game