How to Bet On Sports – Betting NFL Individual Game Props

How to Bet On Sports – Betting NFL Individual Game Props

Proposition bets have become big business in the sports betting industry. While most of the action the online sportsbooks take in is still on the pointspread and total line for NFL games, the recent proliferation of betting on props has given avid sports bettors an alternative way to generate some action on the games.

There are actually different forms of prop bets when it comes to the NFL with each online book putting their own unique spin on the various betting options posted on their board. Props such as which quarterback will throw for the most yards in that week’s games or how many games with stay UNDER the closing line on the week’s overall schedule are general props that are posted for each week of the regular season.

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Game props are a whole other story since they are based strictly on one particular matchup. That means if there are 16 games on that week’s NFL schedule, there will be 16 separate listings of props for each of those games. Making things even more interesting, there are overall game props, props based on scoring and props based on individual player performances.

The overall list of props for an individual game can be intimidating to say the least given the sheer magnitude of betting options. It would be impractical to bet on a large number of props on a game by game basis, so your best strategy is to focus your energy on one or two props that offer the best value in the posted betting odds.

Tying into your expertise playing fantasy football, you might want to tap into the player props on the board. If you believe that the starting quarterback on your fantasy team is due for a big day, you might want to back that up with a bet on the OVER for his total passing yards if the OVER/UNDER number makes sense to you.

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Scoring props can vary from the OVER/UNDER on total touchdowns scored to the first half point margin of the team leading the game. You can also bet on things such as highest scoring quarter, overall margin of victory and if the total of the final score ends in an odd or even number. Once again, the best way to approach scoring props is to focus on one or two bets that you have the most confidence in. Some scoring props are nothing more than an educated guess, so in those situations you should be looking for the best value in the posted odds.

When it comes to game props, some of the most common betting options are which team scores first, which team scores last and what the first score will be. You can also bet on the exact outcome of the first score such as a Dallas touchdown or Philadelphia field goal. Betting these types of props all comes down to how you see any game playing out.

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If you anticipate a tight defensive battle, then betting on a field goal as the first score might make the most sense. If one of the teams in a particular matchup has a tendency of getting off to a fast start, betting on a touchdown by that team as the first score could be the way to go.

Betting any type of individual game prop involves some guess work since you are basically trying to predict the future. However, your goal is to make any guess you decide to put money on as educated as possible. Past trends and tendencies are a big part of the picture along with each team or player’s current form. Each of these factors play a big role in finding the best value on the board.

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