Betting on sports has become big business these days as the entire sportsbook industry continues to expand at a rapid pace. Along with an accelerated growth rate among end users, the way people are betting on sports is evolving as well.

Most of the betting volume is still tied to straight bets on the point spread, total line and money line ahead of a game’s start. However, more and more adventurous sports bettors are also placing wagers after the games have gotten underway.

Referred to as a Dynamic Sportsbook, live in-game betting is taking the sports betting industry by storm. Major advances in online technology along with highly sophisticated software solutions have combined to create the ability to wager on live games through dynamic betting lines.

There is nothing more exciting than placing a few timely wagers as the action unfolds on the field, court or ice. Betting lines are continuously updated during natural breaks in the game. This is why nationally televised games draw the biggest live handle given the frequent commercial breaks.

Live in-game betting through dynamic sportsbook lines is an excellent way to enhance a betting strategy. Live bets can be used to double down on a previous wager when the game is going a bettor’s way. Live in-game bets can also be used as a hedge against previous wagers when the early results do not turn out as expected.

For example, if Green Bay is favored by seven points before kickoff and the Packers score on the opening drive, the new spread might move to 10 points or higher. A bettor sensing a blowout could double down on an existing straight bet against the spread.

Things could also go the other way. Suppose Green Bay is playing Chicago and the Bears take the early lead with a touchdown which might adjust the game’s spread down to three points. A bettor could place a wager on Chicago plus the three points as a hedge against the original straight bet on Green Bay minus seven.

Another betting option through a dynamic sportsbook is “what happens next.” Similar to betting props, this live bet offers options covering a team’s next possession.

Going back to the Green Bay vs. Chicago game, live betting lines for the Packers’ next possession would cover a touchdown, field goal, punt or turnover. These types of live in-game prop bets are available on a continuous basis throughout the game.

A dynamic sportsbooks offers a wide array of live in-game betting options for any number of sports and sporting events. Online sportsbooks offering dynamic betting lines will post the daily events along that day’s timeline. This format gives bettors a chance to plan out the day.

While the biggest betting sports leagues such as the NFL and NBA are the biggest draws for dynamic sportsbooks in the US, live betting has been a major part of the overall handle for international soccer matches for quite some time. Professional golf tournaments, especially the Majors, are a becoming a popular sporting event for live wagers.

Another driving force behind the growing popularity of live in-game betting are mobile betting platforms with the capability of processing wagers from any handheld device with internet access. This creates to perfect scenario for placing live bets during the games.