Boost Your NFL Parlay Odds at

Boost Your NFL Parlay Odds at

As a top-rated online sportsbook, takes in quite a bit of weekly action on NFL point spreads and total lines. Most of that action is in the form of straight bets. However, more adventurous sports bettors looking to max out their return, turn to parlays as the ultimate risk/reward wager.

At, you can group together two or more teams in a parlay play all the way up to a 15-team max. The return on these parlays increase with every team you add. The main thing to keep in mind is that every team added to the parlay play must win. If a game ends in a draw with the point spread, the total number of teams in that parlay will be reduced by one.

A two-team parlay at pays 2.64-to-1 as the online sportsbook industry standard. Moving that parlay to three teams offers a standard 6-to-1 return. However, to spice things up for football season, also offers NFL parlay boosters on select plays.

For example, there may be a South Florida special grouping together the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a two-team parlay play with a 2.75-to-1 return. You might find a Los Angeles parlay boost for the Chargers and the Rams.

The main thing these parlay boosters have in common is a higher return on investment than a standard parlay play.

Most boosted plays are limited to two or three teams as the easiest bets to win. Once you expand any parlay bet to four or more teams, the actual odds start to work against your favor. Anyone who bets NFL games on a regular basis already understands how hard it can be to win just one game sometimes.

Along with set parlay boosters for each week of the NFL season, will also offer daily betting specials with an enhanced return. You can take full advantage of any of these betting specials by opening an online betting account at

With close to 10 years’ experience catering to US players, has attracted a strong customer base across the entire US. A few of the strongest betting markets can be found in states like New York, Florida, Texas and California.

It does not matter where you are located, you can register at online to get things started. There are any number of safe and easy ways to fund a new online betting account including Bitcoin.

Payments on withdrawal request can also be easily initiated and has a fast turnaround process in place for all withdrawal requests.

Parlay odds boosters and daily betting specials are just two of the ways remains committed to enhancing the entire online sports betting experience. Bonus offers on deposits and free bet credit for valid customer referrals can be used to expand your betting bankroll.

Customer loyalty is also rewarded at You can earn valuable points for your online sports betting activity. These points can be saved and redeemed for free payouts, free bet credits and additional entries into the site’s numerous contests and betting pools.

Best of all, these Rewards Program points do not come with an expiration date. This lets you save up for the perks that best meet your sports betting habits and tastes.

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