Betting Teasers at Online Sportsbooks

One of the best reasons to bet on sports at online sportsbooks such as Vice is the overall variety of betting options. Offshore books operating online also have greater flexibility when it comes to the types of wagers it can offer.

One offshoot from a traditional parlay bet is call a ‘Teaser.’ The basic premise behind this bet is moving the pointspread in your favor. The overall payout will be less than a regular parlay bet. Yet, the probability of cashing a winning ticket is much higher.

Online sportsbooks love bettors who love to play parlays. Even grouping two teams together adds a high degree of difficulty given that both teams need to win. Adding the teaser option with more favorable odds gives you a fighting chance.

Teaser options are primarily offered for football and basketball games. Moving the current spread in your favor for football games is usually in increments of 6, 6 ½ and 7 points. When it comes to betting basketball teasers, the line moves are normally 4, 4 ½ and 5 points.

Online books will also post payout charts for teaser bets. Like a parlay, the minimum teams played is two. Teaser bets can be increased to as many as seven teams at most online books.

The following is an example of a NFL two-team teaser with Philadelphia -6 against Washington and San Francisco -3 against Seattle as your two picks.

Playing a 6-point teaser, you would now get Philly straight-up against Washington and the 49ers +3 against the Seahawks. Both teams need to cover with the new spread. A PUSH in either game is usually counted as a loss with most online books.

Some online books will sweeten the deal with Sweetheart Teasers. In this bet, you can move the spread in your favor by 10 to 13 points. The catch is that you must bet at least four teams in that play.

Basketball teasers work the same way with fewer points. The numbers in each play revolve around scoring. Football uses a touchdown and a one-point conversion as its basis. Basketball uses a two point and three-point bucket to move the spread.

Teasers have a much higher winning probability than parlays when betting just two or three teams. The return for both bets is an attractive lure with four or more plays in a single bet. However, the edge swings heavily towards the house with each added team beyond three.

As far as the actual payout chart for football teaser bets, it would look as follows:

2 Teams: -110 (6 points)   -120 (6 ½ points)    -130 (7 points)

3 Teams: +160 (6 points)  +150 (6 ½ points)  +135 (7 points)

4 Teams: +260 (6 points)  +240 ( 6 ½ points)  +200 (7 points)

The payout chart for basketball teams is relatively the same for each of the three point increments (4, 4 ½ and 5).

You should always consult the terms and conditions for playing teasers and their related payout odds at the online book where the bet will be placed.

Teasers can be an exciting and fun way to bet your top two or three plays for that day’s games. Two basic tips would be to keep the number of teams played and the total amount of money bet within reason.